2013 STSP Archaeological Excavation Season-2013-03-06

Due to the fruitful achievement of the archeological project at Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) and also in regard to the establishment of the Graduate School of Archeology, the Department of History in collaboration with the Tree Valley Foundation will hold a series of activities entitled “2013 STSP Archaeological Excavation Season”.

Preliminary event consist of a one-day workshop on March 20 (Wednesday) at Tree Valley Life Science Museum. The event will include the introduction to archeology and a tour to the archeological site.

From March 27 onwards, a series of archeology lectures will be held at the Department of History (振芝講堂) every Wednesday at 15:00. The event aims not only to promote the awareness of cultural preservation, but also with each lecture, aims to convey the importance of archeology to the students. In addition, you are encouraged to participate in the speeches that will be given by several experts on archeological studies.

Deadline for workshop registration: 2013. 03. 11
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