Former Deans

(1) During the period of the Humanities and Sciences College 
1st  Chang Tan (served 1957 Aug-1958 Jan) 
2nd  Wu Jen-Min (served 1958 Feb-1968 Aug) 
3rd  Tien Ming-Peng (served 1958 Aug-1969 July) 






(2) After the Establishment of the College of Liberal Arts 
4th  Luo Yun-Ping (served 1969 Aug-1971 July) 
5th  Fu Chong-Te (served 1971 Aug-1974 July) 
6th  Gao Xu-Hui (served 1974 Aug-1977 July) 
7th  Zheng Zhong-Xin (served 1977 Aug-1980 July) 
8th  Wu Chen-Chih (served 1980 Aug-1983 July) 
9th  Yu Da-Cheng (served 1983 Aug-1985 July) 
10th  Huang Yung-Wu (served 1985 Aug-1988 July) 
11th  Ma Chung-Liang (served 1999 Aug-1989 July) 
12th  Joseph C. Y. Yen (served 1989 Aug-1995 July) 
13th  Wang San Ching (served 1995 Aug-1998 July) 
14th  Tu Yung-Ching (served 1998 Aug-2001 July) 
15th Ren Shyh-Jong (served 2001 Aug-2004 July) 
16th  Chang Kao-Ping (served 2004 Aug-2007 July) 
17th  Chen Chang-Ming (served 2007 Aug-2010 July) 
18th  Lai Chung-Hsiung (served 2010 July-2013July) 
19th Wang Wei-Yung (served 2013 Aug-2016July)
20th  Chen Yuh-Neu (served 2016 Aug-present)