Faculty Position Announcement (Department of History, National Cheng Kung University)-2016-11-25

Faculty Position Announcement

(Department of History, National Cheng Kung University)

November 24, 2016

I. Opening:

1. Full-time assistant professorship and above

2. Field of Specialty: Global History with South Eastern Asia as its Focus


II. General requirements

1. Ph.D. degree in the related fields specified above

2. Candidacy is restricted to those of foreign citizenship

3. Teaching experience

4. Fluent Chinese and/or English in lecturing  


III. Required items for material review

1. CV

2. Publication list/record

3. Ph.D. diploma (photocopy for initial screening)

4. Official transcript

5. Ph.D. dissertation and academic publications

6. Syllabi of at least three courses or proposed courses on undergraduate and postgraduate levels

7. At least three recommendation letters


  1. 1.   Both the diploma and the transcript must be certified as authentic by the embassies or missions of Republic of China (Taiwan); however, such certification can be waived if the applicant already possesses the Teacher’s Certificate as Assistant Professor (or above) issued by Ministry of Education, ROC. Either English or Chinese versions of the two documents should be provided.
  2. 2.   We promise to maintain strict confidentiality on all information provided to us.


IV. Obligations:

1. Minimum teaching hours per week: 8 for full professors, 9 for associate and assistant professors

2. Please note that a full-time faculty member is obligated to serve on various committees, serve as advisors/mentors, supervise students’ degree theses, etc.

V. General Information

1. Application begins from November 25, 2016 to December 26, 2016.

2. All application materials should be sent to the department office by December 26, 2016 for initial screening.



To: Chair Professor Jia Sheng UENG

    Department of History

National Cheng Kung University

    No.1, University Road, Tainan City 701, Taiwan

* Job application for Global History


3. Qualified candidate will be informed about an interview.

4. Contact information:

Email: worldhistory@email.ncku.edu.tw

TEL: 886-6-2757575, ext. 52300

FAX: 886-6-2766477