In response to the new government regulations, the campus will no longer conduct epidemic investigations. The relevant measures are adjusted as follows:


一、 校園快篩試劑發放對象:



3.由確診者自主回報曾於前2內日摘下口罩,並在24 小時內累計大於15 分鐘面對面之校內接觸者。該校內接觸者可於上班時間於環安衛中心領取快篩。


  1. Eligibility of receiving a rapid screening test kit at the NCKU Center for Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection during working hours:

(1) Roommates in the same dormitory of the confirmed case

(2) Those with symptoms accommodating on the same floor as the confirmed case

(3) Those who have more than 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with the confirmed case within 24 hours during the time when the confirmed case has taken off their masks within the previous 2 days.






  1. Curriculum adjustment:

(1) Maintain the current regulations. When there is a suspected case (test positive by a rapid screening test or PCR), the Office of Academic Affairs Office and the Computer and Network Center will issue a notification. The involved instructors can then decide if the classes will be conducted in person or online and should announce in advance.

(2) The involved instructors and students notified above who have concerns may apply for a 3-day "epidemic prevention leave”.






  1. Dormitory management

The confirmed cases and their roommates should move to a quarantine dormitory, Kung-Fu 3 dorm.






  1. Areas to be disinfected

(1) The room and and public areas of the dormitory where the confirmed case live

(2) Computer and Network Center and the Library if a confirmed case has been to


五、在5/7(含今日)之前,經校方通知為居家隔離者:除「因與確診個案在學校宿舍同寢室者」仍須隔離外,其餘人員自5/8 起解除居家隔離。


  1. Before and including 5/7, those who have been notified by the school to be quarantined at home, except for those who are in the same dormitory room as the confirmed case who still need to be quarantined according to the previous notification, the rest will be released from home quarantine from 5/8.




6. For people who join the of campus clubs or extracurricular activities, if one has more than 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with the confirmed case during anytime the confirmed case has taken off their masks within 2 days before the case is confirmed, a three-day "epidemic prevention leave" should be conducted and it is not allowed to enter the campus. The school will provide one rapid screening test kit to such people. Students who live in the dormitory must still move to the quarantine dormitory.