【徵稿活動】英語詩詞創作比賽,11/20截止歡迎同學參與 | 臺文系


臺灣文學系雙語計劃本學期安排了一系列活動,11月份我們以「Full Moon」(月滿)為題舉辦線上英語詩詞創作比賽,歡迎系內外人士參加,獎品豐富,截止日期為2022年11月20日。詳情請參閱海報。


Department Of Taiwanese Literature and English As a Medium of Instruction (EMI) program present English Poetry Competition กาพย์ยานี ๑๑ (Thai Kaap 11 Format).

Theme: “Full Moon”


Thai poem (Kaap 11 Format): Each circle represents a syllable, and the line represents the connection between rhymed syllables.

Learn more about the poem format and submit your poem through this link or QR code:

From now to November 20th 2022, submissions from other departments are welcome. 


With Prize Rewards:

For the 1st place: A box of Thai instant noodles (MaMa).

For the 2nd place: 2x Cloth Masks decorated with Thai art from Thailand.

For the 3rd place: A box of Thai sweets and snacks.