Future Prospects

To coordinate with the comprehensive plan of the University, the college will raise its level of teaching and research, and organize better evaluation systems for these two areas of its activities.

Based on its academic resources and facilities, as well as those of the community, the college will focus on consulting and training local cultural and artistic researchers and talents. With university funding, this college will recruit or invite distinguished scholars and researchers to aid in this goal.

In the current age of internationalization, globalization and digitalization, this college will focus on integrated or cooperatve projects across disciplines, coordinate community resources, promote domestic and international academic interaction and enhance dialogues and connections with industry.

In working toward the goal of becoming a research-focused university, this college intends to expand its research capacity by establishing several new postgraduate institutes, such as ones focusing on philosophy, library information, contemporary Chinese literature, translation studies, Japanese studies, Western history and Taiwanese history. In short, the future plan for this college is to develop itself as an organization with four departments and eight institutes. With research leading teaching it is believed that this college can make a greater contribution to higher education as well as to the society as a whole.