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Lectures of Humanities

    Lectures on Humanities have been the foundation of common core courses offered by the college and the university. The series of lectures in the first semester of 2017 used the geographical spaces of Tainan and the historical development of the city as the platform and gives lectures on the forming process of geographical humanities of Tainan, including multiple races and cultural / historical elements, the blueprints of the development of the city. The themes include: “Buried History of the Land” in prehistoric time, “Things Happened before 1623” that covers 12th~16th centuries; “East Asian Trade System of the 17th Century and the Transfer of Political Power of Tainan” from Dutch colonization to Cheng, Cheng-Kung’s reign in Ming Dynasty. “Taiwan History from the Perspective of Southern Taiwan” form 18th ~ mid-19th century; and “The Detailed Story of Land Ethics in Taiwan from Tainan” and “Viewing 400 Years of Grace of Tainan from its Cultural Heritage,” etc.

    In addition to the participating NCKU faculty and students, we also successfully attracted citizens to join us in the lectures in the NCKU Museum of Historical Artifacts. This was because the contents of the lectures were based on the land of Tainan and got echoes from the audience. The scholars tried to interpret the city from different perspectives. It was not just a feast of knowledge, but also a big clash of ideas that turned over the historical context that we are so used to. It tried to rethink the past of Taiwan from the perspectives of East Asian trade and the Austronesian people. Maybe we can see the future of Taiwan in it.

    The lectures of humanities are created by the College of Engineering to be commonly shared by all departments as a core program and the Freshmen’s Tracing Tainan Program. It is the guiding lecturing program for innovative teaching project. In the future, the lectures will be put on the digital platform to be shared by the public and the faculty and students of NCKU.




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