Grand Opening of Yeh Shihtao Memorial Hall-2012-08-18

◎ TFAC Newsletter (Vol. 81)

Mr.Yeh Shihtao, a Tainan-born Taiwanese literature legend and writer, set milestones and dedicated his life in Taiwanese literature development. In order to commemorate and pay tribute to such a legendary person, Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Tainan City Government has been working on establishing a memorial hall for more than a year, and now Mr. Yeh's memorial hall will be opned to the public on August 11th.

Tainan has always been very precious to Mr. Yeh. Even though Mr. Yeh lived in Kaohsiung for most of his life, characters in works live and walk in Tainan. Also, he once said that Tainan is the perfect place for people to dream, to work, to love, to marry, and to live worry-free. With all his love for Tainan, Tainan city builds a memorial hall for him in return.

There are two floors in the memorial hall. The 1st floor is the main exhibition floor, displaying Mr. Yeh's commemorative souvenirs. On the 2nd floor, there is a restoration of his room. There is also a little theater showing video introducing Mr. Yeh and his accomplishments in Taiwanese literature.

For more information, feel free to call (06)221 5065.