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Department of Chinese Literature

Chinese Literature Department was founded in 1956 and added an evening division in 1967. The History & philology Graduate Institute was founded with the Chinese Literature Section planned and given lessons by this Department and the Section of History in 1985. Chinese Literature department was added an M.A. program in 1991 and a Ph.D. program in 1995. The evening session of the Chinese Department was then redesigned and opened to the students at night. In 2001, the evening session's M.A. program was established for students who were not able to attend the courses during the daytime. In the year 2004, the recruitment of advanced study in the Graduate course had stopped in 2006; the Institute of Modern Chinese Literature was established. In the year 2008, our institute and department merged. Now, the Chinese literature Department offers a bachelor's degree in Chinese literature, a Master in Chinese Literature, a Master of the evening session of Chinese Department, Master of Modern literature, and Doctoral degree in Chinese literature. In the year 2009, the Master of the evening session of the Chinese Department stopped to take in new students.