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Institute of Art Studies

    National Cheng Kung University, an institution of higher education based on its college of engineering, established the Graduate Institute of Art Studies in 1994 to promote and enhance the presence of the humanities and arts.


Short-medium Range Development Plan

    The Institute works to achieve a balanced distribution of faculty members in the three disciplines of the arts, implement curriculum reforms, deepen interdisciplinary education of arts and push for the establishment of College of Art Studies in NCKU.



    Established in 2017, MA Program in Drama, NCKU, has collaborated with Drama Program of College of Liberal Arts, and has integrated all relevant faculty in drama from College of Liberal Arts and Department of Psychology. The features of the curriculum are to train students both in theories and producing creative works, to study both the traditional and modern works, and to explore both the arts from the East and the West. Founded on solid and firm humanities, the program offers a balanced drama education to cultivate students fully in various fields, including history, theories, criticism, dramaturgy, performing and directing practice. As for the curriculum design, Theatre Practices and Methodology of Theatre/Drama are required courses, and the selective courses are divided into four categories: Literature, Xiqu, Drama, and Interdisciplinary Research.