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Center for Multi-cultural Studies

    The Cheng Kung University (hereafter, The University) established the Min-Nan Culture Center (hereafter, The Center) based on the regulation of “The Regulation of Establishing Centers under Colleges of National Cheng Kung University” to prompt the research of Min-Nan Culture and enhance the global vision and research resources of the college of Literal Arts.

    The University is located in the town with rich historic background. The town has its richness of Min-Nan culture. Regards to its geographic and history reasons, the tradition of Min-Nan has the quality of “migration” which they had left their hometown and migrated to other places. The richness of the Min-Nan not only kept its original distinct culture but also integrated the local culture while they traveled around. Min-Nan culture had spread the regions from Quanzhou, Zhangzhou, Amoy, Quemoy, Taiwan then to East Asia. It has its unique population, language, literature, history, concepts, folks, religion, society, architecture, arts, operas and music. The Center promotes the Min-Nan culture study with the basis of Taiwan. The Center strives for integrating the study resources from worldwide. And the Center tends to unite scholars from worldwide to work on the study of Min-nan culture on comparing its communication, integration and changing. Moreover, the Center seeks to establish the Min-Nan research database and cultivates young scholars for promoting the Min-Nan culture study and other that related to it.

    The short -term goal of The Center is to integrate academic and human resources of The University and also unite the scholars from worldwide. The med-term goal is to seek for corporation across colleges, universities and overseas on the study of Min-Nan culture study. The long-term goal is to target on promoting study across countries and collecting all Min-Nan culture references from worldwide and then establishes a database to attract scholars for visiting and doing research from regions. Therefore, The Center will be the center of Min-Nan Culture study.


    In 2016, Min-Nan Culture Center was officially renamed as the Center for Multi-cultural Studies, trying to integrate the research of local culture and globalization issues that has become the main trend nowadays.