The Regulation for Self-Health Management for Faculty and Student s after Entering Taiwan and Registration Process for New Faculty Staffs and Scholars Coming from Overseas Countries

Dear Colleagues and Students,


The epidemic of COVID-19 remains severe globally, especially in overseas countries. Following this issue, NCKU has made the regulations for Self-Health Management after arriving in Taiwan, and amended the registration process for the new incoming staff and scholars from overseas countries in accordance with the pandemic situations and the actual needs. The details are as shown below:


  1. Self-Health Management for NCKU’s Staffs and Students after Arrived in Taiwan


First, all faculty and staff coming from overseas must follow the regulations from Taiwan’s Central Government including 14 days quarantine and COVID-19 screening test (the repeated PCR test and rapid antigen test) once arrived in Taiwan. After completing the 14 days quarantine, all staff and students have to conduct self-health management for another 7 days. NCKU will provide the rapid test kits for all staff and students. Please do the rapid test on the 7th day of self-health management and upload the results to the mobile phone application KUAP (NCKU Announcement Platform:,c27071.php?Lang=en ). Only those who have negative results are allowed to enter the university.


Second, all new overseas students have to follow the same protocols described above. It is not necessary to repeat another PCR test, which is required for new student's health check-ups.


Third, those who are in the period of self-health management ARE PROHIBITED from entering the university area, including the university’s offices.


Fourth, if faculty’s self-health management is conducted in the dormitory, it should be done in a single room (one person one room).


  1. Registration Process for New Faculty Staffs and Scholars Coming From Overseas Countries


First, scholars coming from overseas countries could attach the FIRST Negative PCR test result after arriving in Taiwan for the online registration process. 


Second, scholars still have to complete the whole registration process in person within one week after completing the self-health management.


Regards from NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus 

Sep. 28th, 2021