Please abide by the COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations during the long weekend

There are several clusters of COVID-19 cases in Taiwan recently, and thus please keep alert to the epidemic. Since the long weekend is approaching, please abide by the COVID-19 epidemic prevention regulations.

  1. Wear a mask in public and wash hands frequently.
  2. Do not go to the overcrowded place unless necessary. Please cooperate with Short Message Service contact tracing policy and body temperature measurement when participating in activities.
  3. Keep social distancing or use partitions when dining.
  4. If you feel uncomfortable, such as fever or airway symptoms, please seek medical attention as soon as possible and notify the travel history or contact history.
  5. If you are tested positive for COVID-19 by self-test or PCR conducted in hospital, please notify NCKU campus security report center. 24-hour hotline:(06)2381187 or ext. 55555

Regards from NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus

Mar. 30, 2022