Adjustments to NCKU COVID-19 preventive measures in response to the government's epidemic-prevention policy on reopening
  1. Starting from March 6th, individuals with fever or respiratory symptoms should wear masks in indoor spaces on campus. Those who can maintain social distancing indoor may wear masks voluntarily.
  2. Submission of epidemic prevention plans is no longer required for holding events. Please comply with the epidemic prevention regulations during the event.
  3. The indicator lights in KUAP (NCKU Announcement Platform APP) will be simplified as follows: Red (during the day of testing positive and 5 days hereafer), Yellow (symptomatic but past the red light period), and Green (asymptomatic).
  4. The rapid test station in NCKU will be removed. However, those in need of rapid screening kits can still register on KUAP and then get rapid screening kits at Center for Occupational safety and Health and Environmental Protection on the 2nd floor of the East Wing of the Yun-Ping Building.

Regards from NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus
Mar. 3rd, 2023