During the dengue fever outbreak, please remove stagnant water containers and take mosquito prevention measures to reduce the risk of infection.

To all faculty, staffs, and students,

Due to the increasing number of dengue fever cases in Tainan, everyone in NCKU is requested to pay attention to the followings:

  1. If you experience any symptoms suggestive of dengue fever, such as fever, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, retro-orbital pain, muscle/joint pain, or skin rash, please seek medical attention to confirm whether you have dengue fever.
  2. Dengue fever is not directly transmitted from person to person but is spread by mosquitoes. Therefore, please eliminate stagnant water containers.
  3. During the outbreak, you can use mosquito repellent products or wear lightweight, long-sleeved clothing to reduce the risk of infection.
  4. If, unfortunately, you contract dengue fever, there are currently no restrictions on going to work or school. However, during the fever period (approximately 5 days), you are still capable of transmitting the virus to others through mosquitoes. It is advisable to take a leave and rest at home during this period, and minimize the risk of mosquito bites to reduce the risk of transmission. 

Regards from NCKU Epidemic Prevention Caucus

Sep 16th, 2023