Earthquake Disaster Prevention Promotion in 2023


Taiwan is located in a seismically active area, and earthquakes are a major natural disaster that can cause significant damage and loss of life. In order to raise public awareness of earthquake disaster prevention, the government of Taiwan organizes a series of activities every year on September 21, the National Disaster Prevention Day. These activities include:

  • Earthquake evacuation drill: This is a simulated earthquake that allows people to practice the correct evacuation procedures.
  • Disaster prevention knowledge quiz: This quiz tests people's knowledge of earthquake disaster prevention.
  • Earthquake disaster prevention preparation promotion: This is a campaign to encourage people to take steps to prepare for an earthquake, such as creating a family disaster plan, storing food and water, and obtaining earthquake insurance.

The goal of these activities is to help people understand the risks of earthquakes and to take steps to protect themselves and their families in the event of an earthquake.

“Drop”, “Cover”, “Hold on”

Drop down on the ground to cover and stabilize, protect the head and neck, and pay attention to falling objects.


  1. People who use walkers or wheelchairs must lock or fix the wheels. If they have strength in their hands, they can prepare cushions and pull them up to protect their heads in case of disaster.
  2. Those who cannot raise their hands to protect their head: Stay away from possible falling objects and ask family members or people around you to help protect your head.