Follow the health guidance on COVID-19 prevention to safeguard our campus.

In response to a sudden rise in domestic infection cases, the University has its duties to remind you to follow the preventative measures against COVID-19 as follows while we are hosting the 2021 National Intercollegiate Athletic Games in May.


1. Do take care of your own health and do report your conditions and location records on the NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Platform every day. If you have ever been to the places where local cases visited listed by the Central Epidemic Command Center, you should notify the University.


2. If you exhibit any respiratory symptoms, like fever or cough, do NOT come to school. You can take a day off to see a doctor. No penalties will be imposed as long as a medical diagnosis is presented.


3. If you start to display coronavirus-like symptoms, do wear a face mask and seek medical advice immediately at a nearby hospital. If you become a suspected case after diagnosis and require to be screened, you need to inform our Campus Security Report Center (24-hr hotline: 06-2757575 ext. 55555). The University will contact you to provide help and care.


4. Do practice social distancing, no matter attending an indoor or outdoor class. If a safe distance cannot be kept, all the students and instructors should wear a face mask. Teachers must keep a record of students' attendances.


5. When you are in enclosed spaces, do ensure good indoor ventilation by opening the windows or doors when the air conditioner is turned on. You should wear a face mask when you cannot keep a safe distance apart from others. Do sanitize your hands and disinfect the objects of frequent contact.


6. The event organizer should always obey the regulations with regard to holding a large-scale activity, including a list of participants and their travel history, occupation, contact history, cluster (TOCC), real-name registration, entrance control, temperature checks, area disinfection, and face mask enforcement. When organizing any activity, do follow the University’s “Checklist of the measures against COVID-19: Public gatherings” ( A preventive plan with a checklist corresponding to the estimated number of participants has to be made, countersigned by the Health Center if needed, and officially approved a week prior to the meeting date.

Please keep up the good work and stay well!





NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Caucus