5/6 SDGs Workshop: Sustainable Development for Youth

Objective: This workshop will enhance the knowledge and ability of young people and cultivate sustainable talents for higher education. The workshop focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, its implementation on and off-campus, improving measures, exchanging ideas, and enhancing business decision-making related to sustainability issues. PCSC 7-11 will provide their insights and perspectives about this process, sharing best practices and lessons with the NCKU members.

We look forward to your participation!

1.Serving dinner

2. Medium of Lecture: Mandarin

3.Eligibility: All NCKU faculty members and students

(International students require CEFR B1/TBCL 4/TOCFL Band B or an Intermediate-High level of proficiency in Mandarin)

Organized by: President Chain Store Corporation 7-ELEVEN (PCSC 7-11)

Co-organized by: Unity Sustainability Services Co., LTD.

Implemented by: The College of Liberal Arts, National Cheng Kung University


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