Information Concerning Online Student Course Feedback Questionnaires for the 2022 Spring Semester

1. The online student course feedback questionnaires system will be open from May 16, 2022 to June 13, 2022. Students can log in to the system via the Cheng Kung Portal ( or the link on the website of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development ( to fill out the questionnaires.

2. Students who have completed their online questionnaires will be given priority to enroll in their preferred courses and will also be prioritized to check their course grades online.

3. The questionnaire results will be delivered only to each chairman of department/institute/program and instructor of each course for reference. The identity of any respondent will be absolutely confidential.


Contact Person: Ms. Tien
Staff Member of the Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Office of Academic Affairs
Extension: 50202-23