Announcement From Office of Academic Affairs courses in the 2022 Fall Semester will be conducted as



From: Office of Academic Affairs

August 30, 2022


1. The NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Team has decided, as of August 22, 2022, that courses in the 2022 Fall Semester will be conducted as follows:

   a. From September 5 to 18, 2022, teaching shall be conducted online

   b. From September 19 to October 2, 2022, subject to final approval by the Ministry of Education, teaching shall be conducted online, and in-person teaching will be optional.

   c. Starting from October 3, 2022, all courses will be taught in person

2. All instructors are requested to announce their teaching methods for the period from September 5 to 18, 2022, on the NCKU Moodle before August 31, 2022.

3. If students taking courses are unable to enter Taiwan or come to school due to special circumstances caused by the pandemic, instructors must provide synchronous or asynchronous online teaching to ensure uninterrupted teaching for their students.

4. Epidemic Prevention Rules for In-Person Teaching

   a. Pair each student with a fixed seat and take attendance (KUAP app is suggested).

   b. If it is not possible to assign seats, instructors are requested to take a photograph of the seating arrangements for each class.

   c. Except for courses involving physical education, singing, or playing wind instruments, students must wear masks throughout the class period, and disinfect their hands before entering the classroom. Instructors are no longer required to wear masks during lecturing, if social distancing can be maintained

   d. The classroom physical environment must be kept well ventilated and regularly disinfected. All equipment shall be sanitized after each use.

Students can be seated according to the original planned capacity of the classroom.

5. Considering the differences among each laboratory’s personnel density, with the consent of the supervisor and accounting for the safety of the environment, postgraduate students are requested to abide by the epidemic prevention regulations before entering the laboratory to engage in necessary research work.

6. Amendments will be adjusted and announced as warranted, according to changes in the Covid-19 epidemic situation.