Japanese artist Kosuke Ikeda talks about his art in NCKU-2015-05-08

COLA/News Center

Tainan, Taiwan, April 28, 2015

“I was very fascinated by the city, not only the scenery but also the people who live in the city,” Kosuke Ikeda, a Japanese artist known for his installation with versatile style to represent his own perception of reality, told a capacity audience at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan, recently.

His solo exhibition named “Ecosystem of Object –Tainan” is currently running at Absolute Art Space in Tainan City.

Invited by the university, Ikeda gave a talk and shared his aesthetic concepts and artistic creation with local art enthusiasts and students on March 31.

Ikeda is keen to observe the relationship between objects and people in their realm of daily life, according to the organizer.

“My exhibition is based on my recent research in Tainan City,” Ikeda told reporter at a recent interview.

He said, “I came here in the beginning of March. I did almost one month research. I also did one month research in January beforehand.”

“I found a lot of interesting things in January and I gave it a thought when I came back to Japan,” he added.

Talking about his observation, Ikeda said, “I was very fascinated by the city, not only the scenery but also the people who live in the city. The ways people’s activities and the natural environment of the city mix together have inspired me to create the work.”

“I also found some places deserted by people, like old houses and abandoned places. There are plants and objects left behind by people growing with the natural environment, which is very fascinating,” according to Ikeda.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake in Japan, Ikeda went to the disaster area to investigate and then create a series of artwork to explore issues regarding energy generation, and the relationship between human behavior and natural environment.

He integrated the objects he found in Tainan with his personal observation, creating his own iconic artwork. By using mechanical assembly to generate electric, he reinterprets the organic relationship between the objects and human society.

“A total of ten objects that I found in Tainan City are exhibited in the show and most of them are bicycles, trees, mouse traps and so on,” Ikeda noted.

He also said, “I’d like to make some kind of network of several objects which I found in Tainan City. In the network, each object has certain connection to the actual sites.”